Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Deteriorating Worldwide Situation for Jews

I am extremely concerned about the deteriorating situation for worldwide Jewry. My concern is based on the threats being sent our way; the escalating violence against Jews; the continuous onslaught of false global media reports; the worldwide forgetfulness of Iran's nuclear ambitions; and the thousands of other reasons that have been available for all to see. All those who choose to see it.

It is clear that Hashem is sending us a message. Indeed we know that anti-semitism is a sign sent by Hashem, in His kindness to awaken us from our slumber. For all those who have not been paying attention, let me attempt to do a quick recap. I'll skip the part of the Holocaust, the establishment of the State of Israel, the establishment of the United Nations of hatred of Jews, etc. Let's skip to 2001 - the twin towers, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the hatred of President Bush (the only world leader actually doing something about terrorism), the downfall of the American economy and the worldwide economy, the election of an Arab descendent to the office of US President (based on blaming Bush for all problems), the media portraying Jews as criminals and as the cause of all the suffering of the world, the media attention of alleged crimes by Jews, the media bias against Israel and Jews, Arabs rise to power based on oil dependency, the Arabs sworn call for our destruction, the threat of Iran, Iran arming Arabs against Israel and America, the current war in Gaza, the onslaught of massive anti-semitism it is causing, the shuls burned or attempted to be burned worldwide, the worldwide threat to Jews increasing daily, the continued dependence on America for Israel's daily survival...and much much more.

I can go on and on. There are 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide. We know what they want to do. A casual perusal of Memri or PMW will show the hate that is being broadcast daily. The children are being indoctrinated to murder and maime Jews c"v. They are sending unknowing children with bombs in their bags to school, to blow up Israelis. They are embracing love of death. They are being led by leaders who proclaim that death is most high, yet they themselves choose to hide out safely in foreign countries.

What worries me most, is not the actual issues we are facing here on the ground, rather the situation that we are facing spiritually. Hashem is clearly sending us a message. Rabbi Lazer Brody continuously mentions how we need to start getting our act together and strengthen our collective faith in Hashem. I don't know how we are going to get this message out there, but everyone needs to at bare minimum work on themselves, their family, friends and peers and open people's eyes to the reality. Hashem is not trying, nor does He c"v want any bad for us. He just wants us to love Him, to rely on Him and Him alone.

There comes a time in every situation, where the person realizes that it has gotten too far and a decision has to be made. The smart ones are constantly on the lookout. They are the "defensive drivers", avoiding danger. Others wait a little longer, and some until the last minute. Nobody wants to be "too late". We have to look into our own history and realize that we have been in similar situations in the past. We are clearly being pushed into a very rough predicament. It is obviously, for our own good. On the one hand, we need to WANT Mashiach to come, otherwise we are really lost. On the other hand, we need to do something about it, before it gets worse, and definitely before it becomes "too late".

We all know that we need to become better and try to deserve his coming. Practical solutions are not easy to come by. Yet, we can all strengthen each other. That is what we are supposed to do. We are all 'cosigners' for each other. We are all peers and the group pressure can help us all get and stay in line. When we change for the better, not only are we an example, we also bring more Kedusha (holiness) into the world enabling our brothers and sisters to also "see the light".

Let's all take a minute to analyze the situation -- both our personal, community and worldwide situation. Anyone with an open eye cannot refute the proof -- we have reached a dangerous point in history and it is getting more and more treacherous daily. Let's do something about it. We can bring Mashiach with Rachamim, with love, mercy and happiness. We do not want to be threatened with annihilation c"v, in any real or tangible way. We do not need to feel the pain any more. We can realize now, before it's "too late", and do something, anything about it. Let's all commit to do something, whether small or large, and let's prepare to greet Mashiach with Hashem's mercy very, very soon. Amen.


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  2. There is mention somewhere (I think the part of the Zohar which alludes to the the twin towers) that the economy will be very bad, the Jews will be blamed, there will be a lot of anti-Jewish acts, and that there will be something like a nuclear attack in the leading country of "Rome" in a large city which has a leader with a lot of chutzpah. Then the geuala shlaima will come.
    Of course, we can have the geula today if Hashem has mercy on us.