Thursday, May 27, 2010

The 10 Plagues..part 2

First we had an oil spill that many say looks like blood.
Now it's frogs all over a highway in Greece.

That's 2 in order. While they aren't the same exact thing, the hints is what's making me take a second look.

If I see a story about an outbreak of lice, I'd say start packing.

But really, we should all be packing regardless ;-)

What do you think? Is Hashem sending us signs that the Geula is coming real soon?

It does say (about the final redemption) - 'as in the days you left Egypt, I will show you miracles'...


  1. Frogs are an indication that an earthquake is coming. Similar appearance of frogs in China too before their big one.

  2. don't forget that Australia faces huge locust plague

  3. There's one plague you forgot to mention.
    Some people are now saying that the ashes of the volcano in Iceland is the plague of darkness.