Monday, July 5, 2010

America's 234th Birthday

Just happened to realize - today's celebration of America's 234th birthday may have brought America full circle. It is the same Gematria of what America lives and breathes for - the Dollar.
Dalet (4), Lamed (30), Resh (200) = 234.

The Declaration of Independence was signed on the 17th of Tamuz (July 4th 1776) - a day famously known for 5 harsh decrees being carried out against Am Yisrael. One of those was the walls of Yerushalayim being broken - beginning the end of the Bet Hamikdash and beginning of Galut. America, by beginning on that same day, is surely the beginning of the end of the Galut. But even more so, it may have a very big part in way things play out - being that it is the current leader of Esav - and as Jewish End of Days reminds us, Esav acting as our brother - all too often giving us the rope to hang ourselves.

Let's see...


  1. >>>It is the same Gematria of what America lives and breathes for - the Dollar.
    Dalet (4), Lamed (30), Resh (200) = 234.

    Wow, and it's even more than that. That is, the letters are the same [as the written number 234] but in reverse (mirror image, reflection).

  2. The letters and gematria backwards also spells out the word "dollar" in hebrew
    4 ד
    30 ל
    200 ר

  3. Take a look at Malachi 3:22-24, the final prophecy. Verse 22 begins with the word "zichru", and it starts with a strange enlarged zayin. Now, if you take the numerical value of the word zichru which has the large zayin, you get 233. 233 just happend to be the current age of the USA until yesterday, or on the Hebrew calender, until last tuesday, 17th Tamuz. ( July 4th 1776 was 17 Tamuz 5536) Also, if you skip 7 letters after this large zayin( whch equals 7) you have an encoding of "tav shin ayin"(770) with one space between each letter, you can check and see. Surely this can't be coincidental! The USA was 233 for the majority of (5)770! And it completes age 233 just before AV of 5770 too, which is believed to mark a turning point. Perhaps this could be hidden message that the USA was to be around through the end of age 233, and then other things will happen...(?) Also, Obama met with the Saudi King on tuesday, the very day the USA completed age 233 and turned 234 on the Hebrew calendar.

  4. I am a little late adding to my comment above (the one beginning with "Wow"), but I finally figured out what was missing from my post.

    George Washington is the face of the dollar. This 234th birthday, the only forward-deployed US carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73) celebrated her 18th birthday. Wisdom (73) is 18 (life). 73 x 18 = 1314 =

    ארצות הברית

  5. 234 is the last letters in gematria of the 2 verses of shema yisrael . 234 is yosef in full milui spelling gematria . 234 = 9.26 ie yesod or chachmah of HAVAYAH= 26 . All the worlds hang on this name. so 234 can be quite good america because of its declaration of i ndependence mainly is the only country jews werent butchered for staying for such a long period . But its final aim is yosef unity and mashiach ben yosef if we only learned sod the shemot yichudim and heichelot necesssary to free him . The pshat of learning never did and could never do this . This is the secret of the besht saying the rabbis prolong the golut by not performing yichudim shemot and understanding of the heichalots of the 4 worlds theyve made mashiach debased and destroyed a large segment of am yisrael !