Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Response to How Jews are Seen - America versus the World

In response to the article by Harry Maryles, in his article How Jews are Seen - America versus the World I felt the need to write this (what originally started as a comment). Please read the article first to understand the flow.

First of all, I appreciate the article's thought provoking insight. In no way do I want to detract from it, rather to clarify some things that may not be as apparent to all.

I must say that there is an apparent flaw in the thinking that Esav Soneh Le'Yaakov means only to physically oppress Jews. As the Holocaust and history has proven - it is the most common form, however spiritual oppression is even more powerful and permanent. This point connects what I see as two flaws in thinking together - the fact that Jews are not subject to Anti-Semitism in America and the fact that Jews intermarry and are accepted by gentiles can be considered as a yardstick to measure Anti-Semitism.

America allows Jews to live and be free; to have rights just as much as everyone else. This in turn has all-too-often caused (or even just enabled) the American Jew to abandon his heritage and his religion. While many of the generations sprouted from these original Jews are actually not Jewish, since their mothers were not Jewish, they will always be referred to as Jews. Much of Hollywood do have Jewish names, but are they all Jewish? Mostly not.

When the assimilated Jew intermarries, it may seem to be an acceptance of the Jew - which one may believe is not anti-semitism. Again, many of those "Jews" are really Goyim - and even if they are truly Jewish, what is worse Anti-Semitism than being so happy that the Jew has dishonored his own religion.

Esav gives us the rope to hang ourselves and that is how they destroy our SOUL. Nobody can argue with the fact that R' Akiva was murdered for Anti-Semitic reasons (teaching Torah publicly); yet he departed this world with his soul completely in tact - which cannot always be said of the American Jew - even some of the most religious. That is why the real Esav Soneh LeYaakov hatred is much worse today than ever. Although on the surface it seems so nice that the Jews feel comfortable in America; and the Israelis feel comfortable that America is [somewhat] behind them, there is always an agenda under the surface.

For example, regarding the Evangelicals that were mentioned: they are completely selfish, believing that when we have our own land and live there, their own savior (JC) will come as Messiah - and that he cannot come until that fact comes to fruition. That is why they fund Aliyah and are staunch supporters of Israel. No doubt part of a Divine plan to get us moving there for the REAL Geula, yet they themselves will be punished for their actions regardless as was Pharaoh even though he caused us to cry out to Hashem and pray for redemption.

America has their own agendas and even a quick glance at the book - The Secret War against the Jews can get your blood boiling. It might not always be clear, but there surely is one.

We need to walk away with the knowledge that America is the wolf in sheep's clothing. The world has tried to oppress us for years and years - physically - in ghettos, in concentration camps and gas chambers. We were warned about this in the Torah - if we waver in our faith and Torah, Esav will rise up against us. The true purpose is to make us stronger in our faith and commitment to Hashem and Torah, which often happened. Today, they have found a new way to kill us, permanently - destroying our souls. This has proven most effective as we can all attest to in one way or another. The intermarriage rate alone is staggering.

I fervently pray that Hashem open our eyes to see the truth and not be caught up in the winds of freedom that have proven so dangerous. May we all merit to see the ultimate redemption appear through peaceful means, very soon, Amen.


  1. Sometimes I read the news, and various blogs, and I am ashamed at the behaviour of some Jews. If Jews actually followed the Torah and (1) did not enter politics, (2) were honest in business and (3) did not live flashy over-the-top lifestyles, then a lot of this "anti semitism" would not exist.
    It is a sad fact that a small percentage of yidden can cause hatred towards us all.
    Unfortunately many of the bankers committing fraud are Jewish, whether we like it or not. Many of them are NOT, but people will only see what they want to see, and come to the conclusion that bankers=Jews=fraud.
    This is not helped by "orthodox" Jews behaving badly in several different areas.
    I can understand why anti-semitism arises, and sometimes we do bring it on ourselves.

    It is the same case regarding the public's opinion of muslims: they think that all muslims are terrorists, which of course they are not, but nevertheless that is the public's opinion of them.

    Jews - esp those who claim to be orthodox and uphold the Torah - must not deviate from the Torah's instructions, because if they do, they give the anti-semites all the ammunition they need.

  2. I love your article and your points, and I agree!!!

  3. הצילני נא מיד אחי מיד עשו - whether he comes as אחי or whether he comes as עשו, we ask that Hashem save us from him.