Sunday, April 18, 2010

Volcanic Ash = Ominous Dark Cloud

Sometimes, things just look a certain way because they are. The ominous dark ash cloud covering much of Northern Europe right now, may be a sign of [bad] things to come for those nations.

If we consider the recent treatment Israel has been receiving from America, as well as the threats from Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza on Israel, there are additional "dark clouds" in the air.

Maybe we are all in denial as Rabbi Winston writes in this past week's Perceptions. If so, we must realize that Hashem is showing us a sign over Europe. Many boys attempting to get back to Yeshiva have been stuck - unable to fly. Despite all our good intentions regarding making Aliyah to our homeland - the time may just come where that is no longer possible. While up until now it has seemed far-fetched, maybe we are being sent a message that it is not so. Who in their right mind would have believed such a remote possibility - grounding tens of thousands of flights in an instant?

Rabbi Winston has been writing about the "window of opportunity" for many years. It seems clear that the window is closing. The only comfort that I have, is that it has Baruch Hashem not happened yet. But those clouds and their sudden appearance have got me quite scared.

....It all happens for us to learn. Will we ever?



    It happened on 9/11!! How many warnings will it take?

  2. Get to Israel NOW!!!!!
    How many MORE warnings does Hashem have to give you???
    Don't get stuck - you will regret it for the rest of your days.

  3. Do not be scared! Even this is for the good. Hashem is sending us a warning that Moshiach is on his way, and we have to prepare ourselves. Learn Torah, do mitzvos, and love your fellow Jew. This, I believe is His message. Hatzlacha!