Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mussar Lesson from Neil Cavuto

Don't really want to post this, but I think it has an important lesson for us all. All the more so during these tough times that we know [almost] everyone is going through.

After an interview with Dr. Jack Kevorkian - an infamous doctor who has assisted many patients with severe medical problems, commit suicide, Neil Cavuto has a powerful lesson. The lesson is one we all need to drill into our brains and hearts daily. Our happiness and zest of life is in our own hands (read: minds). We control not only how we feel now, but our future happiness as well. Being positive and remaining steadfastly connected to Hashem will only bring us continued Beracha and happiness. Chas VeShalom, being down and depressed will only bring more of that as well.

Being happy is not just a state-of-mind - it actually is deeply rooted in our souls and their ability to be a vessel capable of accepting Hashem's blessings. Rabbi Winston has a whole book dedicated to explaining this in detail - Be Positive is not just a blood type. I highly suggest everyone read it. I'm on it for the second time now and know people who keep it in their pocket like a Tehilim. It's that important to be positive and realize that everything is truly from Hashem and for the best.

Neil Cavuto's Message:

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  1. by the way,did you happen to notice that Kevorkian has the word 'kever' in it?